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Becoming Limitless

by mary bose (2019-04-26)

Everything has an opposite. We know that. Hot and cold. Becoming Limitless Review/ Male and female. Up and down. In and out. The truth is that we couldn't have one without the other. We readily accept it as fact. The Law of Polarity teaches us that everything has an opposite that is equal. Let's explore the Law of Polarity and why conscious awareness of it is important to our happiness and well being.If this law works in all things, it would mean than when something goes wrong, we can expect something to come along that is equally right. Right? Yes. It doesn't always look like it in the moment because we are too close to the situation. However, in retrospect it becomes obvious. What about the fact that even though I cried buckets of tears when my boyfriend joined the Air Force when I was a young teenager, I ended up with the marvelous man to whom I have been married for fifty years.We may prefer to think of some things as the exception to the rule when a natural disaster such as the tsunami which took many lives and destroyed a vast area of shoreline occur. It gave the world an opportunity to rally forces and rebuild those areas and offer assistance that would never have otherwise occurred. Surely hearts were softened and the survivors feel differently about their place in the world..