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Arctic Blast

by princy william (2019-04-25)

Patient expectations are Arctic Blast Review paramount. As with most treatments from medical providers, the best results are achieved if patient expectations are correctly handled from the beginning of treatment. If a doctor tells every patient the treatments will make him or her pain free, there will definitely be some unhappy customers. If a patient has failed 3 back surgeries, has significant scar tissue surrounding multiple nerve roots with persistent leg pain, and lives on chronic pain medication then the expectations will be very different from a patient with a moderately painful back strain for the first time. So once the examination and work up are established and the treatment plan is being laid out, the medical provider should have a frank discussion with the patient about the chances for success. Of course there's always the unknown and there's never a 100% guarantee a treatment will work, all that exists is anecdotal evidence and statistics from what's known in the research.Technology is great, and sometimes not. In some aspects technology has progressed the pain management treatment options dramatically. For instance radio frequency ablation has been an excellent progression when facet blocks work and then wear off, as RFA can provide upwards of 2 years pain relief. Also spinal cord stimulators have progressed nicely with technological improvements to provide more effective pain relief in last resort situations. One aspect where technology in my opinion is not so great is in physical therapy machines. If patients do their treatments on high tech machines, how do they maintain a home program when those treatments are over? The best PT treatments in my opinion involve low tech rehab equipment, so that patients can learn their stretching and strengthening routines and then continue at home for best results.