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30×30 Total Transformation

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-04-25)

Interestingly, 30×30 Total Transformation Review goldfish do not get pregnant by normal sense of the term. They lay eggs for reproduction. However, looking at them, you can find out whether they are in a position to breed. The behavior of male and female goldfish is different to show the signs that they are about to breed. Remember, it is a difficult task to breed goldfish when they are in aquarium and it may not happen by just a chance.It is not easy to identify the sex of the goldfish. There are only a few indications. The female goldfish are plumper then male. The male goldfish have tiny lumps on their face. These are called tubercles. To get sexually mature, male goldfish should be at least two year old. They should be healthy and they should be able to swim around very fast as they will chase the females in order to stimulate their eggs. Usually the number of males should be double than the females. The female goldfish should look heavy at their rear and their anal area may look soft. Only the females which are in perfect health can produce eggs which can fertile.