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30×30 Total Transformation8

by dilli jack (2019-04-24)

You've seen it in the movies a thousand times: the hero dangles from a rope with one hand while holding the helpless damsel with the other; the hero sprints away from a building just before it explodes; a group of people outrun an oncoming wave as they scramble up a hill to safety; and so on and so forth.Chances are, you're never going to face any of these situations (but you might). Even so, most people are pathetically unprepared to save their own lives, much less anyone else's should the opportunity arise. Even in this modern age of emergency medical procedures, quick-response crisis teams, and instant communication, at some point, you may need to save your own ass.Imagine if your survival depended on something more mundane than a dramatic movie situation: What if you had to jump over a fence to get away from danger? Or pull yourself onto a roof? Or use a burst of energy to get out of a hazardous situation? These are much more likely situations that could get you killed if you failed to live up to the task (and many people can't).Some people can't even help themselves during non-emergency situations; people whose lack of mobility prevents them from getting off a floor or even a chair. I'm not talking about the handicapped; I'm talking about perfectly (or potentially) healthy individuals who have fallen to the point of non-survival (if the situation ever arose).