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Backyard Revolution

by gold stone (2019-04-24)

PicoTurbine have a core Backyard Revolution Review curriculum for teachers to follow to instill in their pupils minds. Included in these renewable and alternative energy sources are biomass, geothermal, hydroelectric and solar energy as well as wind-produced energy. By using these alternative energy sources, we decrease the nation's dependence for using foreign oil supplies, that have to bought from nations which are not known "allies", also making it more expensive for our country. It is seen to be cost effective and is becoming more so to use alternative energy, in comparison to the use of fossil fuels which we currently are reliant upon.As pointed out by PicoTurbine it is already a commercial success for those in the production of wind farms and also solar energy plants. During the last twenty years, photovaltaic cells have gone from costing almost $1000 down to only $4 per watt. Predictions show that by the year 2015, analysts have the cost per watt down to only $1 (by today's prices). The hidden costs of fossil fuels should be taught to students, and what can lead to environmental pollution and degradation. There are lots of health risks as the burning of fossil fuels causes a lot of air pollution increasing the cases of asthma, the increase and heightened allergies, and how they cause cancer. The importance of switching to cleaner, green energy is paramount and it should be stressed that by more use we would prevent more air pollution that would improve the environment for all. Do you want to build your own homemade alternative energy system using the Home Made Energy guide? Because of the rapid increase in power bills that most people are facing, many are seeking ways to cut down on their electricity consumption or to generate alternative forms of energy.To find a solution for these problems, I decided to try out the Home Made Energy guide that promises to teach people how to build their own wind and solar energy systems affordably.Most people are not using a homemade alternative energy system because the parts are very expensive to buy. This has prevented a lot of residents from being able to enjoy the benefits of alternative power. However, the Home Made Energy guide by Bill Ford has taught me how to build this system with less than $200. With this alternative power system, I am able to make my own energy cheaply and cleanly without having to rely on the power company.