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Auvela Skincare

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-04-23)

A lot of people believe that they need a special Auvela Skincare Review night moisturizer for oily skin, but what they might really need is a cream that features higher quality ingredients. More often than not, it is the ingredients in the skin care formulas they are already using that are either causing their problems or making them worse. This is often the case with those that suffer from excessive sebum production. The excess oil that appears on your skin is likely caused either by alcohols in the formula, which are ingredients regularly used for the temporary control of oil production. Alcohols are severely drying, and in order to combat the drying affect of these substances the sebaceous gland begin to produce more and more oil. You are fighting a losing battle when attempting to combat oil production with products containing alcohols. One of the worst types of night moisturizer for oily skin that you can use is one that contains petroleum based moisturizers. Most of us have become convinced that petroleum based compounds like paraffin wax, mineral oil, and petrolatum are excellent for moisturizing the skin, but the exact opposite is true. These compounds aren't effective in moisturizing the skin at all. The molecular density of petroleum based moisturizers makes it impossible for your skin to absorb them. When these substances are applied to the skin they form a slightly greasy film on the surface, which draws and traps dirt and grime. These substances also trigger something in the sebaceous glands that cause them to severely cut back on the amount of sebum they are producing, which will lead to skin that is excessively dry. Besides these ingredients in the average night moisturizer for oily skin that cause severe fluctuations in sebum production, there are also potentially harmful chemical agents you have to look out for. There are literally thousands of chemicals routinely included in over the counter cosmetics that have been discovered to be carcinogenic or toxic. You really have to be careful about what it is you buy. What you really need for keeping your skin looking its best is an all natural formula filled with protein complexes, enzymes, and plant extracts, oils, and waxes. These ingredients will keep the moisture content of your skin in perfect balance, so that excessive sebum production is not an issue. If there is enough moisture being provided the skin, then the sebaceous glands have no reason to produce greater amounts of oil.