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Brain C-13

by dilli jack (2019-04-23)

What about hearing your beloved grandparent say 'You are a lost cause.' The child's mind interprets that as 'I am no good.' So they believe it too because if grandparents can't see any good than I must be bad. The subconscious acts on what it is told and believed, and child becomes part of a gang. This way, he will get the significance he craves. Again, the cycle has begun.What you tell yourself over and over will become your reality. Listen to yourself. What do you continually say to yourself or out loud to others that may not be true? What belief have you bought into because 'everyone' is saying it?It is not known if there is a biological cause and effect relationship with depression and liver issues or if there is which may be the cause of the other. But people with impaired liver function commonly experience depression more often than people with healthy livers. But based on the statistics that are out there, part of maintaining a healthy liver should be keeping a positive mental outlook.