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Overnight Millionaire System

by Ssregina Regina (2019-04-23)

I'm sure that each of you could come up with his Overnight Millionaire System Review or her own set of examples about how our culture attempts to enforce conformity and to discourage independent, confrontational thought. The cultural 'system' can get very threatened when people choose to go outside the 'norm.' So each of us has been provided with a set of cultural 'training wheels' that seem to be permanently mounted and irremovable. These 'training wheels' are presented as cultural obligations and expectations. Do you think that these are bad things? I don't; at least not when they're presented as values and ideals to strive for: things like honesty, integrity, honor, loyalty, justice, kindness, and respect. That shouldn't cause problems, and it won't . . . so long as people get the opportunity to build the definition of these values for themselves. The problem arises when people presume to define these values for others. That's the moment when the training wheels get permanently welded on.As you grow, you're expected to assume adult obligations: obligations to your society, to your family, and to yourself. At the same time, you've either carried along with you or have been forced to carry along many assumptions about these obligations and expectations: many of which can be obsolete, inappropriate or just plain false. You don't have to be a martyr to your job, your family or your own self-image. You have choices - even fundamental choices. The world of obligations, expectations, and assumptions is what we call the 'first half of life.' This phase is as necessary as training wheels on a bicycle. Yet, your life can get really messy if (for whatever reason) you choose to stay there. The saddest thing I can think of would be a person who reached the end of life and said, "I did everything I was supposed to do; now, when do I get mine?" Happily, it's never an 'either - or' situation: every person - including yourself - has a chance to live out the obligations and expectations of life in a way that's suitable and fulfilling.