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by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-04-23)

But it is not the LumaSlim Review just the choice of the diet itself that promises success, it is how you approach your diet that matters. In reality, just remember that the more natural the food on your plate, the better it is for you. Keep foods plain, simple and don't drown them in fat and sugar rich sauces. However, I am not here to expound on the foods you should eat, nor am I here to champion any one diet. There are millions of dieting books available to help you on that.What I have found is that losing weight really begins in the brain. Unless you decide you want to lose that weight, that you want to look slim, that you will do what it takes and change your lifestyle to achieve it - then no diet on earth is going to help you because you will be forever fighting yourself. If you subconsciously resent having to eat smaller meals or give up your favourite hot chocolate drink with double the marshmallows - then you will lose the fight.To be successful you have to engage your mind in the process of releasing weight. I say releasing rather than losing, because if you lose something you usually try to find it again right? So lets say release and that way we can let it go. I know it seems a small point but changing the terminology and the reference our brains have to words does work. You have to trick your mind into a new way of thinking. That is why it is easier to have smaller meals on a smaller plate. It looks the right proportion to the minds eye. A tiny portion on a huge plate makes a person feel deprived before they even begin! Before you even start the diet and exercise program, work on the mind and get it into shape so it will help, not hinder, on the way to your goal.