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Probiotic T 50

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-04-22)

Many online food blogs, health advocates and even Probiotic T 50 Review this nurse practitioner believed that agave nectar would be a better alternative to white sugar. A recent study trial using diabetic participants who consumed agave nectar suffered severe side effects and the trial was stopped. The site fails to report what these issues were and how much agave was ingested by participants. In speaking with a representative of an agave manufacturing company there are questions about whether or not sucrose in the form of maple syrup was used in addition to the agave. I have been quietly reviewing information on agave and have become increasingly concerned that it may not be the sugar alternative panacea that people believe it to be. It is primarily a fructose syrup that is made from agave not corn. Most of us are familiar with high fructose corn syrup which is a processed sugar as well. It takes a lot of processing to make any syrup from a plant that is a cactus or from corn for that matter. The syrup contains not only fructose (purported to be 55% to 92% with some glucose), but inulin (not insulin), which is a chemically manufactured fiber combined with fructose that can increase the concentration of sugar in the agave. You might be wondering why fructose syrup is bad, because fruit contains fructose and fruit is good for us. This is true, but the natural form of fructose found in fruit is levulose. It is replete with enzymes, fiber, pectin, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Individuals with blood sugar stability issues will have difficulty with homemade fruit juices because the sugar becomes separated from the fiber resulting in blood sugar elevations. High fructose corn syrup is consumed by many Americans in mass quantities as this substance is found not only in beverages but the majority of processed foods. It is a cheap sweetener making it attractive to food manufacturers. It also tends to be genetically modified (GM) and it is questionable what the long term (20 years or more) outcome of continual use of GM foods will be. Fructose syrup ends up being processed by the liver and is one of the leading reasons there is a rise in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, obesity, heart disease and diabetes. The liver has to process the constant stream of corn syrup leading to fatty liver deposits and over time these will cause liver cell death and organ failure.