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Meditation In A Bottle

by gold stone (2019-04-20)

Just imagine the degree Meditation In A Bottle Review of doubt those 20 surviving soldiers would have had to overcome and how impenetrable their belief in their ability to cross the mangroves had to be in order for them to survive. Consider what the spectacle of the feeding frenzy amongst the crocodiles must have looked and sounded like and the degree of fear and self limiting beliefs each soldier had to overcome. And think about the degree of commitment and follow-through that was necessary to make it to the other side. There was no room for hesitation - everything relied upon instant decisions and follow-through if they were to survive.Just as few of the soldiers survived the crossing of the mangroves, few people ever survive the crossing of the swamps in their minds that enables them to live out their dreams.But for those that do, it is the focus and vision that they have, the absolute belief in their vision that they carry, and the non-negotiable follow-through that they employ. These are the basic ingredients, available to each of us, which can be used to determine the thoughts we choose, the beliefs we foster, and the actions we take which ultimately will define the path to our own success.There are tremendous opportunities and enormous waves of momentum that are out there to be ridden. Opportunities abound everywhere. But in order to catch a wave, each of us needs to be prepared to swim out to it.It is our own vision, belief and follow-through that will determine which of us will get there.If 20 Japanese soldiers were able to cross 10 miles of mangrove swamps and overcome thousands of crocodiles, while 980 comrades were eaten, I have absolutely no doubt that any of us can navigate the swamps in our mind and achieve anything we choose to achieve.There is absolutely no limit to what you can achieve except for the limits we impose upon ourselves.And if we begin surrounding ourselves with like minded people with the same strong sense of belief and vision as we have, pretty soon we can leverage the strength and support of an entire team surrounding us. So, there is no reason for any of us to ever limit ourselves or to have our dreams devoured by self limiting beliefs.It happens far more often then we realize. We've put in the work, we've over come setbacks and challenges, and then, just before we start to see the fruits of our labor, we just give up. We quit just when we were about to succeed. I guess that we can take some comfort from the fact that we didn't know how close we were to getting what we wanted. We generally don't have to live with the disappointment of knowing that the door to our success was just about to open when we stopped knocking.