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Blood Balance Formula

by gold stone (2019-04-19)

Diabetic foods do not necessarily Blood Balance Formula Review mean that they are safe for diabetics and they can eat or drink these food items in huge quantities. Sometimes the labels printed on the food items are misleading. Even if a particular food is low in its sugar and carbohydrate content, even then it does not mean that particular food is safe or good for the consumption.Sugar Free Drinks: It is a fact that sugar free drinks do not increase the level of blood sugar but the ingredients of these sugar free drinks are not good for the health. Some of these drinks are high in sodium which results in an increased blood pressure. Most colas are full of caffeine. Caffeinated drinks contribute to anxiety, insomnia and palpitation. The acidic content of these drinks effect the enamel of teeth. These drinks have the tendency to decolorize the teeth just like coffee. However if these drinks are taken occasionally they may cause less harm, especially low sodium and non caffeine varieties. The diabetics however must not make these drinks a primary source of liquid. They should prefer plain water or skimmed milk.Ice Cream (Labeled As No Added Sugar): Ice creams labeled as no added sugar have been sweetened with alcohol sugars. It is true that alcohol sugar does not give blood sugar level spikes like regular sugars but the number of calories is the same. A half cup of no sugar added ice cream contains around 100 calories. This calorie count is 50 percent more than the calorie count of one piece of bread. Similarly a big bowl of ice cream that has 2 large scoops carries around 400 calories. This calorie count is around 20% of the total calorie requirement of the whole day. Another problem with alcohol sugars is that they may cause loose bowels or diarrhea. similarly diabetics must also stay away from candies labeled "no sugar added".Meats With Plenty Of Salt: Most manufacturers add plenty of salt to make the taste of the meat more appealing. High quantity of sodium increases the blood pressure in diabetics. The diabetics must strive to maintain their blood pressure 5 to 10 points lower as compared to non diabetics. This is the main reason that the people suffering from diabetes are strongly advised to lower intake of sodium rich foods, even if they are low in calories. The examples of such foods are canned soups. Likewise the frozen ready made foods are also rich in sodium unless they are labeled as low sodium.