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Becoming Limitless

by gold stone (2019-04-17)

It's true! Even if your Becoming Limitless Review primary job responsibility is in finance, you should be promoting your company to the hilt. If you don't, pretty soon your company won't need you in their financial area. Every one of us is in sales either on a professional or personal level. On a professional level, you owe it to your employer to be "boosting them up" every opportunity you get. It's expected. On a personal level, you need to be selling yourself and your accomplishments not only within your company, but to your professional and personal networks as well.Think about it. If you pause and consider your first job interview for example, you will recall how you tried hard to sell yourself to the person interviewing you (At least I hope you did). Because you were genuinely interested in the position, you tried to make sure that he or she knew that YOU were the ideal candidate for the opening. Certainly (if you were smart), you did your homework and knew what they were looking for in their ideal candidate. What's more, you probably did a little extra work and found more than just the "bare necessities" about the job, and asked intelligent, relevant questions.Some of you may be thinking, "Isn't that shameless self-promotion kind of a turn-off to most people, though?" There's a difference between overstating your role or qualifications and simply making sure that your role in your company's success is understood. If someone is turned off by how you present your qualifications, then chances are, you are coming off as boastful or arrogant rather than being a good salesperson.Think about the sales people that you have enjoyed working with - what qualities did they have that made your experience with them a pleasant one? Did they spend all their time telling you about how great a salesperson they were, or did they spend more time asking questions and listening to you? Did they spend more time telling you about how their product (or service) was going to do things you really had no interest in, or how their product was going to help solve your problem(s)? Did they view you as a statistic or a relationship?