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The Acid Reflux Strategy

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-04-17)

Another common remedy to heartburn is taking papaya pills. The Acid Reflux Strategy Review This can be found at your local drug store and can be chewed up instead of swallowed. They can taste pretty good because they're nice and sweet. When you have a strong heartburn episode, it is recommended to take a few of these. Papaya contains an enzyme that can carry properties to help break down acids for digestion. Even though many of found success with papaya, in my experience it didn't work very well. Through years of searching around and trying everything, I've found that there is one natural method that can work pretty well. This consists of make a special juice out of cabbage and celery. They both carry natural alkaline properties which is powerful in reducing acid build of up making sure your body has a good alkaline level. All you have to do is purchase a head of cabbage and a stock of celery and juice half of the cabbage and all of the celery. You will find that it might taste a little plain, but by adding in an apple it will sweeten this wonderful juice right up. If the title of this article sounds rather extreme, then rest assured it is no exaggeration. The best acid reflux help that you can be given is indeed to forget about all that drug based medication and search for a totally natural answer to your problem. But we are told by the medical profession that acid reflux is something that we can only control as there is no cure. Surely they cannot be wrong. Well actually yes they are. You need to understand why this is so. Doctors are only able to prescribe the medication that is available to them. Heartburn medication is one of the largest money spinners for the pharmaceutical industry and if a cure was developed for acid reflux, they would lose a fortune in sales revenue. What possible incentive is there to develop a cure? None whatsoever. Consequently, we keep on taking those pills to get that much needed relief from the pain and distress that heartburn inflicts. But who benefits most. It is undoubtedly those pharmaceutical companies that churn out the pills in huge quantities. So, is there any alternative to spending a lot of money to get that relief? Fortunately there is and a much cheaper option it is. There is a fundamental weakness in the way that conventional medication deals with acid reflux. It only treats the symptoms of heartburn and not the underlying factors that cause the problem. Conventional medication simply controls the amount of acid that the stomach produces. But this one-dimensional approach ignores the fact that acid reflux is caused by a combination of factors that can be physical, psychological and environmental.