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Advanced CardioRX

by princy william (2019-04-17)

Modern medicine is indeed miraculous Advanced CardioRX Review when wisely used; as a tool to address the physical representations of a deeper reality. Before the angioplasties I could feel myself headed inexorably toward a heart attack; now I am pain free and feeling stronger every day.The truth is my heart was being slowly deprived of nourishment (blood and oxygen) for years. As I meditated on this fact after the procedures, it became clear that this condition was a physical manifestation of the fact that I had not been feeding my heart deeply enough in my daily life. I was too often unresponsive to its calls. My fears were obscuring its voice, so its voice became a scream, and this scream eventually forced me to act, possibly saving my life.Two days after I got out of the hospital, an event occurred which illustrates the point I am trying to make. As I was sitting at a table in a coffee shop near my house, an African American man who appeared to be around 55 sat down a few tables away from me. Our eyes met and we nodded. He was carrying two styrofoam containers. Being familiar with the type of food found in these containers, I assumed that it was fried or fatty.Suddenly I got the impression to joke with this man I didn't know about my recent cardiac "adventures", and to mention the dangers of eating fatty foods. In response, my mind went into "protection" mode ("you're crazy, you're going to offend this man, you'll make an fool of yourself, you don't even know the guy", etc, etc). Something inside me, however, pushed me to override my mind's habitual "safeguards" and I blurted out, "Gotta watch those fatty foods...I just had three stents put in my arteries".