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The Language Of Desire

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-04-17)

When you have made The Language Of Desire Review the decision to discuss with your wife on sex, like improving your intimacy, I advice you better proceed with great caution. You would not want to neither criticize your wife nor make her feel incomplete. Are your desires not always filled? If so, please do not out rightly say it to your wife. Doing that can even cause more problems to arise. If you really want to create the best possible intimacy level, then, in the process do it not hurting your wife feelings. For that singular reason, you may try another different approach. Try suggesting new ideas in the bedroom, like a new sex position or taking a weekend trip.When talking of sex with your wife, it is always important not to insist. If really you want to improve sex in your marriage, say so with a few suggestions to back it up. However, never keep on bringing back the issue. Give your wife some days or some weeks to make changes within the bedroom. This is a needed time because your wife may feel offended when she realised that you are not pleased with her sexually. It is natural that she takes her time to ponder over the situation before deciding what to do, this may involve putting some of your suggestions into play. Next, it is always important to give listening ears to things that your wife will want to say. It is rather unfortunate, many men always believe that their wives are just not interested in becoming intimate with them anymore. Even though this may be true in certain cases, but it is likely that your wife case is not the same. Your wife may be experiencing other problems. For instance, some women are very nervous and fearful of aging. This may make them not wanting to always showcase their body. A decreased sex drive can also be attributed to something your wife cannot control, like side affect of a medication or a medical condition. That is the reason why it is very vital to discuss about sex with your wife, and at the same time give her listening ears to what she have to say.