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Advanced CardioRX

by princy william (2019-04-17)

The best remedy of combating such Advanced CardioRX Review a problem is by eating natural healthy foods so as to increase your good cholesterol and exercising on a regular basis. Other nutrients that can be taken are Phytosterols, Policosanol and D-Limonene. These nutrients are effective and better still they do not have bad side effects as the statin drugs do. Research has shown that Policosanol is very effective at lowering LDL levels and raising the HDL levels. Understanding and focusing on your cholesterol ratio more than your total cholesterol figures, you will be more aware about your health. Avoid heart disease by eating well and understanding what you can do to increase your HDL levels and how to decrease your LDL levels so as to strike a balance for a healthier you.A coronary or heart disease happens because of some factors. These can be attributed to lifestyle, hereditary and medical reasons. Except for hereditary reasons, you can be in control of your heart situation and you can either make the condition better or worse. If you are interested in making your situation improve, it is important to first be aware of the coronary disease risk factors. More often than not, these are controllable and with a disciplined lifestyle, the risk can be reduced.Personal factors According to statistics, men are more prone to heart attacks. Although there are women who also suffer from coronary disease, most of them are older than 55. Men who are 65 and above can have higher risk of developing heart ailment. In terms of ethnic or racial background, it was found that Blacks have a higher hypertension incidence rate.Knowing this, it is important to be more disciplined in terms of your diet and lifestyle if you are included in the high risk group.Lifestyle factors Smoking contributes to having a higher risk of coronary disease. In fact, it is the topmost risk factor not only for this illness but even for other serious chronic diseases like cancer and stroke. Drinking excessively is also a high risk and with uncontrolled drinking, the situation can be worse. Further, being used to high fat and high cholesterol diet increases the risk.