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Fungus Hacks

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-04-16)

Gene's other Fungus Hacks Review local involvements include the Spring Sprint, a fundraiser started 20 years ago by the Beaches Recreation Centre. He also is one of the volunteers at Slobberfest, a special event for dog lovers held once a year on a Saturday afternoon in June, that includes such humorous activities as pet/owner look-a-like contests, best pet/owner singing duo, best pet howls, best pet trick, and many other entertaining activities. I even bumped into Gene myself on New Years Eve when I went skating at the outdoor rink at Kew Gardens when Gene came by to announce free hot chocolate and marsh mallows for the New Years Eve Party at the skating rink. Gene undoubtedly is an omni-present and well-treasured pillar of this community. Our lunch at Lick's had been the perfect time to get to know Gene a little better before we headed off and continued our walk west on Queen Street. Back on the street we ran into a colourful local personality: Harold Weisfeld, a.k.a. "Zoltzz", owner of "Ends Designerwear Boutique", a famous designer label discount store near Queen Street and Elmer Avenue, a place where I personally have found many a bargain over the years. We headed further west and Gene pointed out the former Bank of Toronto Building, which today houses the "Lion on the Beach", a popular local pub. Just a few steps further west we briefly went into "Morguet", a jewellery shop that offers hand-crafted jewellery, custom gold and silver smithing, where we said hello to the owner Sergio who had come to Toronto years ago from Latin America.