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by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-04-16)

We went to work on his iGenics Review computer, I taught him how to type and showed him what keys his fingers should go on and then I showed him how to start an article on Microsoft Word, then I showed him my favorite writing tool, the Thesaurus. Then I told him how writing can be a rough draft and then edited a bunch of times. I told him that sometimes if you let a story sit for awhile and think about it, you can come back later and improve it many times. So our first story was about his cat, he loved his cat and wrote a great story about his beautiful cat. I nudged him on in a couple of places to write more details and put in more content and then we wrote a date on the bottom. The next week I came over for tutoring, Eduardo could type using the correct fingers, I was astonished, but came to realize, this young man was focused and intelligent. We went back in to his cat article and made some changes, added some detail to the story and added some more content. Then we put a date on the bottom that we edited the article that day. Eduardo wrote more articles during the week, and his stories were really good. He loved using the Thesaurus, and was showing such enthusiasm and creativity, I was very happy.Commercial roof repair needs to be addressed in a few different ways. As a business owner, you need to constantly make the best decisions for your company to stay profitable. Sometimes this includes addressing budgetary concerns regarding the upkeep and repair of your office building. When a business owner hears that there may be a problem with the roof of their building, many times alarm bells start going off in their head and visions of dollar signs swim in front of their eyes. This is a normal but unnecessary reaction. Before panicking, there are several things to consider with regard to making a roofing decision.