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Becoming Limitless

by gold stone (2019-04-15)

Even if you have made a Becoming Limitless Review promise to strangers, it should be kept. If it is kept, you may find that the strangers soon become your friends. If you don't keep your promises, they may well become your enemies. Take especial care to do what you say you will do if they know where you live!It is important to keep our promises to ourselves. If we don't keep them, we will lose respect for ourselves. Our self-esteem and confidence will decline and we will be far less likely to achieve success of any kind.Anthony Knott is an English farmer and jockey. He has ridden horses for 28 years without a single win. In November 2008, he finally won a race. The crowds were cheering as he led the field. He waved to the crowds and even started looking back at them. He seemed to have forgotten he was still in the race!Fortunately, the other riders did not catch up and, to his amazement, he won! He had fulfilled his dream or promise to himself even though it took him 28 years to achieve it. He has now decided to retire from racing!Some tasks, like winning a horse race, may take longer than you think - possibly 28 years longer! So, don't make promises to yourself or others hastily. Allow time to deal with the gremlins which may try to drag you back from achieving your goals.A promise like this can provide powerful motivation but you had better give yourself time to find out how to do that job. I still have problems figuring out how name servers work on the net. I am not about to promise to give any one technical support.Bob Cox suggests keeping one promise a day to yourself. I tried this for three months two or three years ago. I promised myself I would write one article a day. In the end I had written about fifty articles in a short period of time.I also promise myself that I will go for a short walk every single day. I don't always keep this promise but, by the end of a year, I have usually been for about 300 walks.Bob Cox promised himself that he would earn a pilot's license. Achieving this goal took much longer and was much tougher than he expected but, like Anthony Knott, he got there in the end.