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by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-04-15)

How many times iGenics Review have you heard someone grumble about their horse doing something they thought was uncalled for? They might be fussing about a horse that shied at something as harmless as a butterfly or complaining about a horse that refused to get on a trailer. To the human, these and many other actions don't make any sense. We know butterflies and horse trailers aren't something our horses should be concerned about, but they don't see and think about things our way. An old dog's eyes may start to look slightly cloudy, which can be evidence of cataracts. However,declining vision is not necessarily a major handicap for dogs, as they rely much more heavily on their sense of smell than of sight. Even a puppy will tend instinctively to search for a titbit dropped on the ground using its nose rather than its eyes. A dog may also be afflicted by deafness as a result of advancing years. This is difficult to recognize with certainty, although you are likely to find that you dog does not respond in certain situations-perhaps when you call it from some distance away-whereas in the past it would have shown some recognition of your call. Cases of deafness increase dramatically from the age of about ten years onwards, when perhaps one in ten dogs suffers from the condition; the figure rises six-fold in dogs of fourteen years old and above. Your vet will be able to carry out certain hearing tests on you dog, but little can be done to treat deafness at present.