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Healthy Blood Pressure Protocol

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-04-15)

If your hormone levels change, it can change your Healthy Blood Pressure Protocol Review body's patterns. In the case of illness, the hormones that help you to get better can also raise your blood sugar levels, so you should be ready to work with that. For women, menstrual cycles can throw off the best-laid plans for consistency, so it's a good idea to keep track of the patterns so that you can start to predict what's going to happen. Alcohol can really throw a wrench in your plans if you haven't adjusted for it. Alcoholic drinks are high in carbs and calories, and they can also throw off your liver, which usually helps when your blood sugar drops. (It can't help your blood sugar if it's trying to process alcohol.) If you drink, talk to your doctor about how much is okay, and plan it into your daily meal plans, because it will make a difference. Be careful with your medications, and be especially careful when you're thinking about adding a new medication. Ask your doctor about how OTC or prescription medications will change your diabetes management routine. Diabetes can be a debilitating disease in some cases and in others it can be hard to mange. Many people do not like the fact that they have to be dependent on insulin shots for the rest of their lives to live. However there are instances of diabetes reversal. No it's not a fantasy it can be done if you're careful. If you are a type 2 diabetic then you can eventually stop taking insulin, although consult with your doctor before taking any action. Type 1 cases don't produce any insulin at all but type 2 and bellow still produce it just not in the right amounts. People who are type 2 and below can alter their diets and have some interesting results. In some cases they can even stop taking insulin all together. Insulin is what your body uses to aid in the processing of food and handling of sugar. If you don't produce any of it then you cannot handle sugar properly. Essentially to much and you absorb too much sugar and your blood sugar goes sky high. No this doesn't turn you into a chocolate bar but it can kill you. However if you produce too little then you can't absorb the sugar you need and this can also kill you. Type 2 and below produce insulin at odd levels, some are high some are low. If you're low you need to take the insulin to stabilize your system. But in these cases you can adjust your food intake and balance out high sugar foods with low sugar foods depending on your blood sugar level. You still have to monitor it though. In some rare cases once you've changed your diet around and are eating properly the insulin amount has been known to stabilize. You still have to watch it from time to time but no more shots to keep you going. That's a reward in itself as shooting yourself with needles everyday can get redundant. Not to mention painful.