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Regen Regrowth

by Ssregina Regina (2019-04-13)

When female baldness occurs in a pattern, Regen Regrowth Review branching out from the center of the scalp, typically near the natural part, male hormones are the likely culprits or rather a genetic sensitivity to them.Research indicates that the "baldness gene" is passed along on the X chromosomes. Women have two X chromosomes. So, they may be more likely to have the sensitivity than a man. The jury is still out on that one.Genetics and hormones cannot easily be addressed, but poor circulation and nutritional issues can easily be treated. By far, the most effective treatment for female baldness is Minoxidil. It works by stimulating blood flow to the hair producing follicles, which means that nutrient flow increases, as well.There are many companies that sell Minoxidil these days. The patent held by Upjohn expired several years ago. So, the generic formula is now available.The question is which of these brands are likely to be most effective for a woman. First, you need to make sure that the company is selling the appropriate concentration. A 5% concentration is correct for men, but it can actually make the problem worse for a woman.Second, a two-fold approach is the most effective for treating female baldness. If you buy from a company that sells only the topical solution, you are not getting the most for your money. The better companies give you an oral health supplement and the Minoxidil solution for about the same price that you used to pay for Minoxidil, alone.Third, look for a money-back guarantee and read the testimonials. The better companies guarantee your satisfaction and they have lots of satisfied customers.Minoxidil works for female baldness more than 50% of the time. Add to that the effectiveness of the right health supplement and you can say that most women will see an improvement, in a relatively short period of time.Throughout the years hairstyles come and go and depending on what era you lived through you might at one time styled your hair in the beehive, pixie, bun, bouffant, afro, bangs, braids, feathered, or even bobbed. You may have worn it long, short, loose or tied back, straightened, permed, curled, highlighted or bleached it at one point in your life and for many women their hair and style has made a statement to the world as to who they are, what stylish trends they follow or not, and how they feel.