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30x30 Total Transformation

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-04-13)

First, most of the people that reach great 30x30 Total Transformation Review heights of success, had a very hard upbringing. There was something in their past that brought about a lot of struggle and challenge. Maybe they were abused, or teased by people constantly. In any event this is such a blessing if in your adult years you learn how to harness this energy for good. Second, use this childhood anger and frustration into your daily life. Relive all those memories back again when you are feeling lazy and unmotivated. Use this anger for good. Use it to motivate yourself to do something worthwhile.The better you can channel your energy into something constructive, you will see the major changes in your life begin to increase dramatically. See yourself as a confident self assured indvidual and follow your burning desire and follow your passion always. Third, allow this desire to be the fuel for your motivation. When you begin to use these feelings to put yourself in a desired state, you will be unstoppable. You will have enough drive to finish your task and goal. This is a great form of release. Allow the desire to continue to inspire you to be more and succeed! Accountability is perceived as such a serious topic, yet it doesn't have to be. It begins with intention and you can choose the quality of your life as easily as picking a clear intention. I have to admit, that most of my life has been driven to succeed. I have looked at life with the desire to accomplish my goals. And, if there was an obstacle in my way, I was determined to overcome that obstacle. Sounds like a great formula for success right? Well, there was a fatal flaw that I recently discovered. I had such a mindset around success, everything became about driving for success and removing obstacles. If I was going to an appointment, it didn't matter that I left with plenty of time to get there. The race began - not consciously. I would see if I could get to the next traffic light before the other cars. If there was the least bit of traffic, I would race to find another alternate route, sometimes taking even longer to get there, just for the chance to outsmart the traffic (obstacle) around me. I would careful see the number of cars ahead of me, and plan my strategy of weaving in and out of traffic to get to my appointment even sooner than planned. You see, I believed like so many that it is important to "exceed" expectations. Of course, as you might have figured out faster than I did, I wasn't experiencing life, I was racing through life, adding stress along the way, but enjoying my addiction to the stimulus it created. Enough! I am getting too old to miss out on the experience in life for a race I can't possibly win. So, I made the change.