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Wildfit Quest

by gold stone (2019-04-12)

We are hunters at the top of Wildfit Quest Review the food chain. Hunters are strong, muscular, fierce: like lions. If you're plodding along on a treadmill for hours each week, your workout has you training for the life of a gazelle. Unfortunately, in order to actually look like a gazelle, you need to eat like one and most of us don't. When you look at the top athletes that participate in "hunting" sports that require bursts of power, say sprinters, who do they look like: the lion or the gazelle?Sprinters look like they themselves can jump up on a lion and wrestle him to the ground and rip him to shreds with their bare hands. These athletes train for maximum power and bursts of speed using resistance training. They train for the life of a hunter and their physiques reflect that: lean, strong, shapely. This is who you are going to become.Ten thousand years ago, hunters would go about their business most of the week and then when it came time to wrestle up some vittles, they would wait around for woolly mammoth to come along and when he did, they'd need to be fast enough to pop out of the bushes and catch him, and strong enough to wrestle him to the ground. The workout is based on the hunt. It is based on the concept of "One & Done" and it's the only place on this website where you will not need math... no need for counting; no need for tracking. It's called "One & Done" because you are performing a task once and then it is complete. The workout is based on resistance training: lifting weights, pushing machines, pulling yourself: because that is how you get strong and that is how you get lean.You start the workout off the most efficient way possible: with compound exercises while you're good and fresh and always with the large muscle groups first. Squats for quads, chin ups for back and biceps, bench press for chest, shoulders and triceps, dead lifts for your core and hamstrings. You do one set and you do it to failure. And I mean failure. When you're hanging off that chin up bar and you think, that's it, I can not do one more pull, think about holding on to woolly mammoth as he's trying to throw you off, find your inner lion and pull up three more times. When your arms start shaking as you push the bar up off your chest during that bench press exercise, think that woolly mammoth is about to eat you, focus hard and shove him off three more times. When you're doing squats or lunges or straight leg deadlifts and you are close to tears on those final repetitions, think about carrying dead woolly mammoth back to the cave for your family dinner, dig into your soul, concentrate, and do two more reps.