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30x30 Total Transformation

by Ssregina Regina (2019-04-12)

The last couple of weeks I did more push-ups 30x30 Total Transformation Review and pull-ups that I ever did before. Maybe, I got addicted by the results. Whatever the reason, my shoulders, especially my rotator cuffs started to hurt. Here is an effective exercise and stretch that you can do to properly warm-up and stretch your rotator cuffs.You will need a single dumb bell that weighs no more than 2 pounds. You are not trying to get a heavy duty shoulder workout. We are going to warm-up your rotator cuffs and then stretch them accordingly. It is important that if you feel excessive pain anytime during the process then you must immediately stop and seek medical attention. There may be some serious damage to them that requires medical attention. More often than not, they have been strained.We will start with the right shoulder and rotator cuffs. Lie down on your left side with your left hand supporting your head from the side. Keep your right elbow bent and attached to your right hip throughout the whole exercise. This is important because we will be moving your right forearm and hand and down without moving your elbows or upper arm (your biceps and triceps). Now with the light dumb bell on your right hand like you are going to do curls. Pulsate up and down (moving in short motions perpendicular to the ground) as you are moving your right hands and forearm up and down your chest. Go up and down your chest twice. Make sure you are breathing the whole time. You should feel your rotator cuffs get warmed up. After you are finished with the movement, switch the grip on the dumb bell by flipping over your grip on it. Do the same pulsating movement twice. After you are finish, you will hold the edge of the light dumb bell with your finger tips. Pretend you are using the dumb bell to sign your full name. It will be tough especially towards the end. Make sure you are not holding our breath. Remove the strain from your face and hands (do not squeeze so tight). This will ensure that you relax. Now, do the same process for your left shoulder and rotator cuff. You have properly warmed up your rotator cuffs. It should feel warm all over your shoulders.