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by princy william (2019-04-12)

As children of God, irrespective Individualogist Review of denomination, we have permission to endow each other with love and to put aside any bias or prejudice. Leave your Christmas tree in place with lights decorations and all and if businesses follow this same example then maybe the New Year shall commence with even more blessings. We are nothing without love and if God can humble himself for our benefit then we too have it within us to offer love everywhere and it can all commence during the twelve days of Christmas. God bless and happy holidays!I had a strong dream last night of a scenario where past and future events merged with the present, and some of these events were from another reality. Ghostly men and women and some wonderful long-gone animals (and creatures not yet born) mingled happily with people I know, who had no awareness that their new friends were not from their world of today.Because of our human tendency to believe in the evidence of our eyes as interpreted by our mind, our perceptions and understandings can be limited to what we believe must be the situation in our third dimensional existence. It is more than the limitation of the Veil of Illusion: it is the limitation of the mind.The Veil is, now, the thinnest of barriers and in place to protect us and to enable us to live life without the influence of spiritual memory. By standing in the Veil we can both observe and participate in the human experience and at the same time be aware of the multi-dimensional existence which lies beyond us and of which we are a part. It is not easy to do this in a busy world of noise and pressure and factual emphasis, but it can be done if we encourage openness of mind and heart, freedom from limitation of expectation, and opportunity just to be ourselves, a part of everything and yet also a part of nothing.