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Advanced Cardio RX

by princy william (2019-04-11)

If homocysteine is the causing Advanced Cardio RX Review factor then all we need is to help our liver metabolize it so that it is safely flushed away with the urine. Just like it is supposed to do. Specific vitamins (B6, B12 and B9) fortify the enzymes responsible for the above reactions and literally can reverse this debilitating disease without any toxic drugs. Even before the 70s, publications had shown that these vitamins play a major cardioprotective role. Today, there are serious research projects confirming just that but still mainstream medicine is blind and deaf to this pioneering work.Patients with risk of cardiovascular disease are typically subscribed statins to lower their blood cholesterol levels. These drugs are minimally tested in humans, have severe side effects and offer minimal, if any, protection from heart attacks and strokes. Medicine's inability to explain and accept the truth becomes the patient's discomfort and doom. By the way, statins make many billions of profit for the pharmaceutical companies that produce them per year. It is no surprise that they are around despite the side effects. People should know what their choices are. Statins are not the only way.Maybe you don't even know that your blood pressure is high because normally you can't feel it. Some feel a slight headache but most people don't feel anything. Go to a doctor or pharmacy and get your blood pressure measured. If it turns out, that it is really too high, before you just take the prescription for some drugs, ask the doctor how high it really is and how dangerous it would be if you would try some natural things first for a couple of month and see if you can lower your blood pressure with a few little changes in your life. If your doctor thinks it's safe, try the following for a couple of months and then get tested again. Or maybe you want to measure your blood pressure yourself.