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No BS Manifesting Course

by princy william (2019-04-10)

As I was thinking about next day No BS Manifesting Course Review when I had to deliver my presentation, I calm my nerves down and drive away bad emotions about what is going to be like. I just re-read my presentation and focused on a few key-sentences I wanted to present.None of them was quite secure on what he or she was saying, and you could easily perceive the emotions in the air. That reminded me, I'm not the only one being nervous when it comes to presentations.In the end, my presentation wasn't a glorious one, but I've managed to speak in front of my colleagues and more than that, I could keep my voice in order so the speech was fluently and vivid enough, so to say. I still have today those motivational books and read them from time to time, or at least open them to some key-chapters and re-check some paragraphs. Since that day, I've started to see things through different eyes and promise myself I would keep my positive thinking, pro-attitude and self-confidence. Now not only that I'm not afraid or feel ashamed to speak in front of other people, but I'm even considering a job position that would allow me to express my thoughts and believes in public.I have always wondered what was the secret of success, and it all made sense after listening to Earl Nightingale's recording of the Strangest Secret. I'd like to share the main points of what he discussed, and encourage you to apply the secret of success in your life.Nightingale discussed that out of 100 people that start off around the age of 25 and retire at 65, only one person will be rich, four will be financially independent, 5 will still continue to work, and 54 will be broke. He raises an interesting point - if all of them started off in similar circumstances, why did only 5% become successful? The reason for this disparity is that only 5% understood and applied the secret of success.Before revealing the secret of success, Earl Nightingale provided the best definition of success I have heard. Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. If a person is working hard towards a predetermined goal, he is a success.