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by gold stone (2019-04-09)

And what about micro HydraLyft Review dermabrasion? This danger here is to find a qualified practitioner who knows what it does. This technique sprays on your face multiple tiny crystals that remove your dead cells. You end with a polishing result. This is the only treatment that I recommend if you really need immediate results but please, select a qualified and well-trained aesthetician and always start low.That's all the reasons why Botox injections, chemical peels are unnatural methods for anti-aging. Always eat the best for your body with natural products and treatments.Exfoliation is the principle of chemical peeling for your skin-care program. I disagree with aggressive and recurrent peeling of your face with chemical components but can we trust enzyme peeling? In this short article, I hope to reveal you the pros and cons of enzyme peels for your face.Enzyme is relative a new word in our language but this process to use enzyme to exfoliate the skin of your face is an ancient remedy. The use of papaya or green apple in the form of a mask is a kind of enzyme peeling.For example, the papaya enzyme is a good and natural molecule to peel off your skin. It's soft and efficient. In add, this enzyme has got some interesting properties of regeneration like in Aloe Vera, Pumpkin or Pineapple.On the contrary, an enzyme activates the process of natural exfoliation of your skin without any damages or aggressive interactive as with chemical components. The enzyme is small enough to penetrate the pores of your skin to have a little deeper effect. You can remove naturally dead cells and show off earlier and more frequently young cells, you can eliminate your scars, stretch your marks, attack your aging spots and lines and regulate any skin discoloration.When this molecule penetrates your skin, it can stimulate his elasticity, toning and tautness.Excessive chemical peelings can damage your skin profoundly and in some cases can provoke cancer. My strong recommendation is to use natural peeling and enzyme peels without any addition of chemical substance is the right choice to follow if you opt for an exfoliation.Action of enzymes to peel off your skin is far better if they can go a little deeper into your skin. Practice simple massage by applying thin layers of your product on your skin and rub it in a mild circular motion.