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by gold stone (2019-04-08)

We have different eye Lutazene Review colors, some have black, some have pitch black some have brown some may have light brown. Some have green, some have yellowish green eyes, some have gray while some have the most commonly sought after eye color, blue eyes. But we can not just wear something that we like, or else it would really look weird on use and people might just think we are 'trying hard' to look attractive, and this can be very bad. You get my point.This article will give you some tip top tips in choosing the colored contact lens that would fit you and will go perfectly with you.If you have dark color eyes like dark brown or dark blue or green, the best thing for you is the opaque contacts. Enhancement contacts will just disappoint you. You can opt for Freshlook Colorblends, this brand of contacts has brilliant color patterns that will look natural for you, and most popular shade for this brand is the Amethys, Blue Sapphire and Green. This is a monthly disposable lens.As prices have come down and the wonders of Internet shopping have made glasses more freely available, people are realising its feasible and economical to have prescription sunglasses. Rather than struggling on with a single pair of clear glasses, or dangerously driving in tints with no power, you can now have the best of both worlds and order a bespoke, one off pair of specs made just for you.For you sunnies you can re-use an old frame, choose any ordinary prescription frame, or have your prescription glazed into a standard sunspec. So what should you choose and what are the pit-falls?If you re-use an old frame, check with the optician that it will withstand re-glazing. It's a false economy to end up with specs that won't last long or that split while the lenses are being fitted. Other than that, choose a tint colour that suits your frame, and make sure it's big enough to give good coverage of the eye, to keep the sun out.Choosing a standard frame means that you know it is good quality and will do the job, and will be customised for your needs with your choice of lens colour. You may want to size up from non prescription glasses, so it looks more like a normal sunnie, and as we said above, to keep the sun out. This is your chance to go for a bolder, chunkier, brighter frame than you would have with clear lenses, it will be robust and look funky on the beach!