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Awaken The Species

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-04-06)

Success does not acknowledge limitations; it rather views it Awaken The Species Review as challenges to be conquered. Success interprets failure not as setback but lesson to be learned. Success has strict laws that require religious observance. One of its rules is to let go of mediocrity and face the discomfort of change; it requires the assimilation of new knowledge to broaden one's horizon; and it does not allow the thought of relapse to the familiar. If you want to succeed but don't want to give up your antiquated beliefs, you'll continue a life of blandness, your goals will be but another sketch in the vast "if only" repositories of your mind. Success hates "if only" attitude. It will rather favor failure than not making an attempt. Whatever we want to achieve in life, the character of success is a necessity. In any avenues of endeavors, one must comply with its discipline. Being ordinary, being in the comfort zone, being coward, being a procrastinator, being a stagnant dreamer and being lazy is the most despicable attitude that counters success. Think about these carefully; upon deep analysis one will find that these are the common forms of resistance that engenders stagnancy and destitution. Sure, all of us want to succeed. We want to experience a life of bounty without the limitations of physical, mental and material lack. Yet, we are fools in thinking that such will just fall out from the sky, or through prayers, or through positive thinking, or through creative visualization or any other forms of beliefs in which action, sacrifice and discipline are absent. These misinterpreted beliefs have more than confused rather than enlighten people. This is the very reason why success has become a mystery for most of us. I understand that we are shaped by an influence in which unquestioned compliance must be favored for a while to secure the survival of our kind, like a child who needs to obey its parents to ensure its continued existence. However, we have failed to depart from this temporary necessity; instead it has become a part of our identity-we have become compliant to our cultures, religions, expectations, judgments, criticisms, norms and the orthodox view of things. We have become blind to realize its inapplicability in pursuing success. We are so stuck on being dependent on our primitive beliefs that the thought of deviation invites fear and anxiety. And so we stay as children, even as we age. Even if we want to grow we can't, we do not allow the process because the risk is, in itself, a threat to our very foundation. With this debilitating attitude dominating our person, we find it hard to abide by the laws of success. Consequently, we settle in mediocrity, aspiring for luck or good fortune to favor us. Living a life of achievement is such a difficult state for an ordinary man to comprehend. In the many avenues of pursuit, man can either evolve or stagnate. Sadly, most chose stagnation.