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Fungus Hack

by princy william (2019-04-06)

If you are looking for an onychomycosis Fungus Hack Review treatment, or more commonly known as nail fungus, don't worry! There are lots of things you can do. Let's dive right into the most common ones: Medical therapy: Probably the least recommendable, as it is very expensive and very toxic. You'll have to pay thousands of dollars and then keep your liver under constant supervision because of the chemicals you'll have to take. Never try to use things like Lamisil alone or you might end up on liver meds for the rest of your life.Natural onychomycosis treatment: You can treat your nails daily with a couple drops of essential oils diluted with about a teaspoon of olive oil. Essential oils known for their antifungal attributes are for example tea tree oil or oregano oil. Also foot baths in salt water or a mixture 2:1 of water and apple cider vinegar are known to help. Just bathe your nails in that for about 20 minutes per day and after a few months you will notice good results.Nail fungus are small organisms that affect both finger and toe nails. Also known as dermatophytes, they do not possess chlorophyll, and so thrive in moist and warm environments, which is why they are mostly found under nails. The nails provide a protective and ideal atmosphere for nail fungus to grow, and they are very difficult to reach once they settle under the nails.Nail fungus are very common, mostly because they are very easily spread from one person to the other. They live in places that are moist, and mostly affect the toenails, because they are more susceptible to come into contact with them. Nail fungus are most commonly spread in bathrooms and toilets, but can also be spread through the sharing of instruments such as clippers and files. This rapid spread can however be prevented, by observing some basic hygiene rules.