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Cardio Clear 7

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-04-05)

He was born to a world of opportunity because Cardio Clear 7 Review he had parents who were capable, loving, and bent on teaching him the true values of life. His father was a physician and very skilled in his profession. As the boy grew in love, admiration, and respect for this man, he felt the passion to follow in his footsteps. He had the deep desire to become the kind of caring physician his father was, striving to make the world a better place. When the day arrived for him to leave his home in India to travel to the United States for medical school, his father was ill. How could he leave and travel so far, at a time when his father could need him most. His wise grandfather said, "Son, the God who will be watching over you in America is the same God who will be caring for your father here in India." Confident and proud of his achievement, he returned to India a Cardiac Surgeon, focusing on saving the lives of children with congenital heart defects. His proficiency and skill gave life to children who would never have survived to become all the things God meant them to be. One day this successful surgeon became very sad. He looked into the tear filled eyes of parents who had just lost their only child. "I could have helped them," he thought, feeling their pain. He looked down at the lifeless body and knew that with enough money this couple could have entered into a procedure that might have given life to their child. He was prosperous enough to care for himself and his own, but when he looked about at all the many little children in India that needed his skill, he knew he could not financially provide enough for so many. His compassion for the children went straight to his heart and made its way to his exceptional brain. There had to be a way. There must be an answer to this ongoing tragedy. As my story goes on, he never gave up until he was successful in finding an avenue of hope. He would labor over his profession diligently, then go to his computer, tired, exhausted and determined to find a way to help a child live. For at least five years he studied the internet until he became an internet marketer, known world-wide for his expertise in the field. He is now an online marketing expert, owner of the popular Ezine Marketing Center and author of many ebooks, reports, tutorials, home study courses and print publications spanning various facets of building and growing a small business using the power of the internet. For over ten years he has influenced countless e-publishers, home business owners and internet marketers with his powerful writing, insight and experience. He is also an active entrepreneur, philanthropist and teacher.