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Secret Millionaire Bot

by Ssregina Regina (2019-04-05)

Cell phones have become very attractive Secret Millionaire Bot Review as advertising tools also; a recent Harris survey reports that the cell phone use is increasing while the traditional landline telephone is fast losing customers. The fact is 20% of the adults in the US do not have a landline. The same percentage now use only cell phones, and the number is growing very fast. Furthermore, while these phones among the younger generation have been widely reported, they are also becoming very popular among older populations as well. For the under 30 crowd, almost 40% of them use nothing but a cell or the internet for communication. This means that over 80% of your customers own a mobile phone and you can reach them any time 24/7 at home, at the office or on the road; all you need is a computer and an ISP.If you said, "there are millions of people on Google everyday", you would be about right, but that is yesterday. On average, a person will check his/her cell phone no less than 24 times per day, usually much more. Multiply that by approximately 4.3 billion owners world-wide and guess what? Over 103 Billion times that people look at their phones. Now, suppose that you put your sales message right on their cell phone? There's nothing more personal, and you have the system that makes it possible to generate huge sales and or commissions using cell phones!These phones are fast becoming a necessity instead of a luxury. A huge majority of the population over the age of 15 has one and most kids old enough to have friends believe they need one. The cell market has experienced a phenomenal growth, you have a product that is replaced in less than a year in most cases, and with an updated model most of the time. This means that before very much longer, the audience of anyone marketing with cell phones will realistically be most of the world wide population.If you use cell phones for internet advertising or internet marketing, almost everyone anywhere in the world can be targeted because there are no limits on the visibility of the ad. You don't have to use a billboard, the customer doesn't have to be front of the TV set to see it, and you don't have to be listening to a radio to hear it. But, most all mobile phone owners will have the phone with them at all times no matter where they areNot only that, this is a fairly new internet marketing and advertising venue so it would probably be a good idea to get in at the beginning and establish yours. Wouldn't you enjoy the opportunity to keep your office in your pocket. Being able to take care of business any where, any time, as long as you could connect with a cell tower?