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by Ssregina Regina (2019-04-04)

When I was growing up, I suspect my NutriSleepRx Review German relatives were equally delighted when playing with me. At the same time, a popular family slogan--repeated in German--reminded us that work must come before play. Arbeit kommt zuerst dann Spiel. It sounded like a warning that we must keep our priorities straight. Play was not at the top of the list. Don't tell that to Stuart Brown, MD, founder of the National Institute for Play. In his brilliant new book, simply titled Play, he writes, "The opposite of play is not work-the opposite of play is depression. Our inherent need for variety and challenge can be buried by an overwhelming sense of responsibility. Over the long haul, when these spice-of-life elements are missing, what is left is a dulled soul." Dr. Brown goes on to say we need both. "Work and play are more like the timbers that keep our house from collapsing down on top of us...The quality that work and play have in common is creativity. In both we are building our world, creating new relationships, neural connections, objects." Be kind, friendly and polite. Love and respect each other. Strive to help everyone accomplish their harmless and healthy agendas. Help them get where they are going. Cooperate with each other. Practice harmlessness, no matter what anyone else does. Be helpful. Be a good and healthy example. Help create a safe, clean and decent society. Before 1800, there were very few cities with one million people. London, perhaps a few Chinese or Japanese cities. Today there are dozens of cities with many times more than one million people. Some with as many as 20 million people living in one metropolitan area. In order to adapt to this dramatic increase in population density, we must improve human psychology in ways that improve our interdependence. Develop a healthy balance between individual liberty, our families and local community welfare, and our universal common wealth. Organize our civilization to educate and train ourselves to improve the personal, social and economic development of human nature. Increase our consciousness of our global citizenship.