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Becoming Limitless

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-04-04)

If you want to turn your dreams in to reality it's time Becoming Limitless Review to get to work and not time to talk about it. Write down your goals. Brake it down in smaller goals and give it a deadline. Focus on the goal every single day. And then share your goal with somebody who loves you, believes in you and who will cheer you on and you will see your dreams come true. Live is great and the world is beautiful. If you like to know how you can start working on living the dream, you don't have to look far anymore. God bless you wherever you are! Years ago, I had an opportunity to take a new job. The grass certainly looked greener on the other side. I wasn't happy with where I was working. Wanted to make a change. An opening came up at another company. I was qualified. The job paid more, yet for some reason I wasn't confident enough in myself to make a right decision to move forward or to get it together and start finding a way to enjoy where I was at. Being all of 20 years old, out on my own, I thought I should be able to "be strong." Yet I still had the nagging fear of what if I made the wrong decision? Followed by what if I wait to long to make my decision? The choice would be made for me. All my choice and options would be gone. What if I make the choice to move and I don't like it? What if, What if, What if? Paralyzed by the fear, I turned to my boyfriend for help. Really I asked him to answer the question for me. Tyler was able to listen. But he didn't try to solve a problem for me. He wouldn't give me the right answer. I thought he isn't giving me the help I want. Of course he really couldn't give the right answer for me. But that didn't stop me from trying to get him to give it to me. I wanted to have him make the decision. Thus if I hated my job later I could give him the credit. After all it would be his fault if I needed someone to blame. He let me evaluate on my own. He didn't judge or ask how I was coming to my decision.He gave me a simple sentence that has stayed with me for many years. Tyler gave me the true answer "I'm sure you will make the right decision." As soon as I hear that. In an instant it was as if the fog had lifted. In an instant the shift was made. In an instant my choice was made. Confident of my decision in that moment of clarity, the Right Decision was made by me. I accepted the position moved forward and never looked back.