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Awaken The Species

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-04-04)

This vital factor is self discipline. Awaken The Species Review There are many definitions for discipline however, the best definition that applies to the modern world we live in today is the ability to delay gratification. This is the ability to put off or delay those instant and temporary benefits and focus your energy on achieving the long term benefits. This definition is very applicable today because the modern world that we live in is saturated with the distractions and quick fixes that claim to offer us immediate gratification towards our pleasure needs and solutions to our problems. We have become addicted to wanting immediate results. This has resulted in most people being undisciplined in their lives because they find it very difficult to delay gratification. However, indiscipline is not just about giving into gratification because it can permeate through every aspect of people's lives. People who are not disciplined tend not to save money by spending it on fancy consumer goods that become tomorrow's junk. Disciplined people save money because they know that saving now will not make them a pauper when they retire. The ability to delay gratification will enable you not to give into the distractions that you will be bombarded with. However, this takes discipline and if you are not then, you need to learn it quickly because time is running out. Like most things in life discipline is a habit that you can acquire and the more you practice and apply it the easier it will become. A lot of people who experience being on top really finds it difficult to describe what success really mean. Different people have different connotation when it comes to expressing the true meaning of success. To some people success means being on top of their careers while to others it may mean family and friends. While success differs from one perception to another, Steven Spielberg, a famous and well respected filmmaker once said, "Failure is inevitable. Success is elusive." He means that if each one of us is capable of grasping our success though it takes a lot of risks and sacrifices, each of us is capable of describing our own success. Truly, success is the most difficult to describe, difficult to grasp and difficult to handle. A view from the top is a lot more different if you are still struggling to reach even the first step of the ladder. That is why, when successful people were asked about the scenario, they may answer that it takes a lot more courage to stay your foot on the ground while you see everything above everyone.