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Joint Renew

by princy william (2019-04-04)

As the winter season begins, it Joint Renew Review brings various structural and functional problems associated with joints, spine and lower back. The cold temperature can affect our hydration levels that lead to disturbed muscle tone. A more sedentary lifestyle during the winter season can also worsen the conditions and make it difficult for the people to manage these health ailments. Although the winter season is a difficult season to deal with joint, back and neck problems but taking a proper pain management treatment can improve body functions, promote general fitness and enhance the ability to perform everyday activities.Holistic Medicine for Pain Management Holistic medicine is a natural health approach that provides a more balanced lifestyle. It comprises of certain integrative manual therapies including physical therapy and massage therapy that deal with the whole body system. Holistic medicine is an effective pain management approach that facilitates the healing process of the body, create great ease of movement especially in winter season and promote sense of well being.Pain Management through Physical Therapy Physical therapy is a holistic approach that can effectively address the health problems happen during the winter season. A physical therapist provides certain strengthening and stretching exercises to help relive pain and reduce muscle spasm. Actually the frozen temperature causes tendons, ligaments around the joints and muscles to contract, leading difficult body movement. This seizing up and contracting state of the muscles will cause muscle spasm and stop functioning of joints. Physical therapists provide active and passive movements to the affected areas to release muscle tension, promote relaxation, improve joint mobility and overall body functions.