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High Performance Leadership

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-04-03)

Saying or writing a dream down is one of the first steps. High Performance Leadership Review It lets the universe know you are serious. But this is not enough. For the prayer to manifest requires work or effort. God and the universe will do their part but physical action by you will make the dream/prayer a reality. I had worked for twenty years as a physician. I took writing classes and pursued coach training. I continue to learn and add to my expertise. You must also hone your particular expertise. Preparation is vital to manifesting your dreams. You must know what your objectives are. What are your goals? The only way to make your dream worms happen is to clearly define your objectives. How can you ask for something when you don't know what you want? To work effectively and efficiently you must define and refine your objectives and then form a plan to carry them out. Having clear objectives and working on those objectives should achieve results. But you must decide what results you want first and then work to achieve these results. Constantly ask yourself if the results you want are in line with the objectives or goals you have defined. Results are like the grass that grows in fertile soil replenished with nutrients from the earthworm's burrowing. The results of your dream worms are what you set out to accomplish that has a positive impact on your personal and professional life. This may be the most important aspect of eating worms and achieving success. You have to define your mission or life purpose. I define mission as your unique calling. What you are passionate about, your deepest desire, your most fervent dream. What you would do without regard to wealth or fame. What gives your life meaning and improves the life of your family and the world. Once you know what your mission is you can determine the objectives, work, and results you want to achieve. There will always be set backs and obstacles on the way to manifesting your dream worms. Earthworms burrow for a while and then stop when encountering large roots. Bumping into a root they must burrow in another direction. Like the earthworm you must sometimes change directions to accomplish your objectives but the dream worm is always there to guide. The dream worm may need to lie dormant for a while until the timing is right. Here are the keys to effective strategy that can unlock greater success for you. These are the silent laws that are fundamental to your success throughout all the years of your life . . . as they guide you upward and onward to higher achievements.