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The Psychology of Achievement

by Ssregina Regina (2019-04-03)

They may be too close to them to The Psychology of Achievement Review see them - The very nature of a talent is that it comes easy; so easy that it often gets overlooked They have never given it any thought - People don't know the right questions to ask and, if they do, may not be satisfied with the answer. They think talents have to be sexy - Talents like great singing voices, athletic ability or acting are so highly valued in our society that people without such talents don't think their special gifts measure up.First, let's get one thing straight. Your talents, however small they may appear to you, are a unique and precious gift from God. They are worthy of your value, attention and commitment!Now that we've established that, here are a few questions you can ask to get you started on your unique talent assessment: Do you do something well without much effort? Do you do something with ease that others find difficult Is there something you do that makes time fly by too quickly Do you receive compliments for being exceptionally good at something? Is there something you do that gives you transcendent joy? Do you do something well that you see others getting paid to do? Do you do something that makes you feel closer to God? These questions could go on, but you get the general idea. Your talents do not have to be "huge" in the world's eyes. If your passion is for teaching and you do it well, there it is! A great and valuable talent! If you are great at administration, let your talent shine in your workplace for the improvement of the organization. If you love math (like my wife does), how about becoming a math tutor? What a gift you could give to those of us who need to be better with that skill!