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Lavie Labs Hydrolift

by princy william (2019-04-03)

There has been much written in Lavie Labs Hydrolift Review the press regarding parabens and consequently we have received many telephone calls from concerned customers. We thought you might be interested to learn how this is affecting a small UK based skin care product and cosmetic retailer and whether we feel this is a serious concern or just another example of media hype.Parabens are a group of chemicals used to preserve and protect many different types of products. They are widely used in the cosmetic industry; they are very effective and have a long history of safe use. They are also found naturally in plants. Parabens are also commonly used to preserve food and household chemicals.Recent studies, featured in the popular press, have proposed a link between breast cancer and parabens in underarm deodorants.The breast cancer study is particularly controversial, its' scientific validity is in question, as it did not take into account the diet or the environmental exposure of the subjects involved.A recent review of this data concluded that daily exposure to parabens in the form of underarm deodorants presents substantially less risk than exposure to parabens in the diet.The American Cancer Society has stated that there is no good scientific evidence to support a claim that the use of cosmetics such as underarm antiperspirants increases an individual's risk of developing breast cancer.That said, media attention can be very persuasive. Consequently public opinion has changed and a minority of companies have used this as an opportunity, particularly in the USA and this trend is also now happening in the UK.We understand our customers' concerns and assure you that our products are safe to use. Our products contain the lowest quantity of the highest quality broad spectrum preservatives available. We use the least amount of preservative we are able to without jeopardising the integrity of the product. I foresee that parabens will still be used in mass market, high street brands for some time to come.