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Abundance Manifestor

by princy william (2019-04-03)

In my experience, becoming aware Abundance Manifestor Review of these destructive beliefs is a lot like noticing the places in our bodies where we're holding tight. Often, when we become aware of it, the belief - like the tension we're holding onto - dissolves on its own. And as it turns out, we get a lot more done when working is no longer such a physically painful process.In a recent version of Jim Rohn's weekly newsletter (1), Robert Kiyosaki recounts a lost opportunity when he balked at paying $2 million for a property that, 30 years later, is worth at least $150 million. What were his main reasons? First, he didn't have a plan and second, the number scared him.If you were raised with modest means, it is sometimes difficult to overcome you conservative roots. When the numbers get too big, it is hard for you to take the risk. Thus, you take more conservative projects with a higher rate of success and don't even entertain the possibility of something bigger. This same thinking can easily invade your business. When things are going well, it is sometimes hard to think of them going better-a lot better. You worry about messing up a good thing. Your thinking becomes confined to what is already working. No bigger plans seem necessary.Even Robert Kiyosaki confides that he had to be pushed to think bigger. He constantly battled his thinking to come up with a bigger and better plan. He worked with a mentor (Donald Trump) who pushed him. Do you have a mentor that is willing to push your thinking? How big do you want to think? Sometimes it is not about what you would necessarily get if you could, but just the idea that you could get it if you wanted to. How big would that be? What would have to change in your business or your life to make that happen? How much do you want it to happen?