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Raikov Effect

by Ssregina Regina (2019-04-02)

In her frustrations at failing to understand Raikov Effect Review why anyone would speak badly of her, she began to cope by means of expressing herself negatively to her down line of team mates. She didn't really mean it, she was just upset and started telling everyone in her team things she did not mean as a way of coping. At first her team mates tried to cheer her up but "Jane" insisted on venting her frustrations in unacceptable ways. Well, sadly, everyone in her team decided they didn't need that so they all left. "Jane" had suddenly lost all of her early success and was back at ground zero. At this point "Jane" decides to quit her business all together and I never hear from her again. What happened here is very tragic and simple in concept. "Jane" didn't properly identify obstacles when she started building her business and when she met with any kind of friction she turned very negative which had a chain reaction throughout her entire down line literally causing her business to collapse and fail.Identify people and groups you need to work with - Surround yourself with people who will nurture you and help you grow. Some people, with or without knowing, will hold you back from your dreams. In psychology there is a term, "Relational Illness". This means that some people make you sick! that's nothing new to any of us I am sure all of you know people like that. If you are trying to get in shape or build a business you need to carefully choose who you surround yourself with. Think about every relationship you have with another person and ask yourself, "What is this person doing to me?" Seriously look at your friends and family and filter out the toxicities in your life if you want to be successful. It is also a great idea to get involved in various groups or individuals to work with and learn with. Making those kinds of connections can be very educational and motivating so that you don't grow stale.