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Bulletproof Profits

by Ssregina Regina (2019-04-02)

When come to online, if you ever Bulletproof Profits Review purchased digital products from some Gurus, you may remember that after your first payment, there was another OTO (One time offer) popping up trying to sell you another product? So the same up-selling tactic being applied to both offline and online businesses. When you shop in Amazon, I am sure you have seen this before- " Customers viewed this item also view...". So the idea here is, trying to get the most out of your buying customers. The saying is always right- "Those who buy will keep on buying". If someone asks you to fill in the survey form or personal details to win prizes in the shop, you are giving away your contact details for their future communication with you. The shop will send you their promotion or new catalogues in post.We shall do the same online. And we need the help of Aweber or Getresponse to collect email addresses of our customers online. For all the internet marketers, it is an undeniable truth that Money is in the List. You should always give out something for free as bait in exchange for your customer email address. Your opt in form should be seen on your e-commerce site, and also in the page where the customer is directed to after successful payment. For example, if you are purchasing a premature ejaculation cure product online and you are offered a FREE eBook on how to last longer in bed, would you give away for email for the free eBook that will help to treat your premature ejaculation problem?I am sure by now you can see how to integrates your e-commerce business with affiliate marketing with the leads collected- more sales in the future.Business plays a major role in the lives of most people today. It has become one of the main sources of income that help and provide their needs to sustain themselves and their families. In the other part, the Internet connects people worldwide and that makes sense when you grab your opportunity on having your business online.