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by princy william (2019-04-02)

Your goal is to get to a Individualogist Review point where you have such confidence in your connection with the divine (your higher self being your bridge or access point to the divine) that you would follow your inner guidance even if you had a panel of experts telling you to do otherwise. (This kind of confidence does not come from wishful thinking or even positive thinking, but is based on creating repeated, tangible results over time with the "cooperation" of the universe and the divine plan, as well as on seeing and understanding deeper truths that others can't see just yet.)This deeper form of awakening is a process rather than a spontaneous event and has to do with awakening to your inner power. You can have a "spontaneous awareness" about something or other, but you cannot activate and develop this deeper aspect of awakening overnight.Becoming more aware of what's happening in different areas on the planet is all helpful and good, but for the awakening process to really kick in in your life, what is necessary and important is to reconnect and integrate with your higher self and to follow your inner guidance promptly and consistently so that you find yourself fulfilling your higher self's plan, your soul's contract.Matthew, channeled by Suzanne Ward, explains that it is easier to create a plan in spirit than to fulfill that plan once you incarnate on earth: "It is easier to make those selections during a lifetime in spirit than it is to activate them once you incarnate in a third density world with all the external influences that can muffle or completely drown out messages from your soul to your consciousness, messages intended to guide your free will decisions in line with your soul contract...Once back in the spirit world, the soul reviews its past life, realized that once again it veered from its contract and chooses the same learning experiences during the next embodiment. This can go on for hundreds or more physical lifetimes in a third density world before balance is achieved and the soul can move on to fourth density."--November 6, 2010, New Message from Matthew, channeled through Suzanne Ward