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The NOMAD Power System2

by dilli jack (2019-04-01)

wind power is very much a possible alternative as many wind turbines are now in use. It is less expensive to set up and we continue to develop them steadily for use as efficient energy. There are many wind farms which have been developed worldwide and strategically placed to avoid any damage to the environment and also birds.Mostof us have heard of solar energy which is another energy source which is a good workable alternative. We have all seen solar panels which are manufactured with many solar cells that harness the sun's energy so that it can be converted into electricity for many uses like heating water. This resource is very environmentally friendly as it does not pollute the air.Oneenergy that most of us have not heard of is ocean energy. This is renewable energy from the sea which experts believe to have huge benefits as a power source for the future. There is the potential to generate an enormous amount of energy and for years countries like France, Ireland and Scotland have already used generators to successfully use this source for power.