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by gold stone (2019-04-01)

The league average for Profit Maximiser Review PAF normally falls between 34-35 attempts per-game (including sacks) and as a result, a team with an average of less than 30 will normally find themselves in the bottom 5 in this category.It should come as no surprise that a team that typically makes less than 30 passing attempts per-game is also a team that has a strong running game and one that is not often playing from behind (another factor that can drive up PAF average). In 2008, the bottom 5 for PAF average included: Baltimore, Tennessee, Oakland, Atlanta and Carolina.In most years, teams in the bottom 4-5 for PAF average also happen to be very good versus the spread and 2008 was no exception: the 5 aforementioned teams sizzled versus the number in the regular season with a record of 48-28 ATS.So, the bottom line is this: when a team plays an opponent with a solid rushing game and the score ends up nowhere near the outcome predicted by Vegas: take notice, because based on the last 15 years, there is a good chance they will cover the spread in the following week.Here are all the details (including 1 more Secondary condition that improves this systems record even more).(Notes: ASMR stands for Average Spread Margin Rating. A positive rating indicates a trend that is stronger than average versus the line, negative--weaker than average. TDIS% is the percentage of teams in the league that have been involved in this situation at one time or another. WT% is the percentage of teams that are .500 or better and SPR is the average spread for teams in this situation. For more details, please consult Page 18 of my 2009 NFL Game Reports Guide.)There's a dirty little secret going on in the online poker world that people don't want you to know about. Almost every professional player knows about this secret and they've found a way to profit from it. So can you.