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Awaken The Species

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-03-30)

In West African culture there are many brilliant Awaken The Species Review methods that grandparents use to teach humility and success to young men and women. One of these methods is that of using mythical stories. One such mythical story is called the ancestral cream. This story is designed to guide people from West African cultures into reaching their full potential. You too will benefit from this story. In a small village in Western Africa it was customary that when the king died his dead body must be rubbed with a specific cream. This cream can only be found deep inside the jungle. The journey to acquire the cream takes seven days. Whenever the occasion called for the cream, young men in the village were asked to go into the jungle to find the cream. The village elders will crown the young man that is able to return with the cream as the next king of the village. Most young men who intentionally tried to acquire the cream for the sake of becoming king never return. Those who did return came back empty handed. So many young men lost their lives in search of the cream that parents began to refuse to let their sons go into the jungle to look for the cream when a king died. One day, when another king died, there were only two men the village who were willing to risk their lives to find the cream. The older of the two men was the great warrior. He felt as though he was great and deserved to be crowned the next king. The other is the giant warrior. His intention was to bring the ancestral cream home so that the dead king could have a proper burial. After much consultation among the village elders the decision was made that the two warriors could be sent out to find the ancestral cream. Prior to their departure, and as part of their custom, the two warriors sought counsel and blessings from the village priest. The village priest advised both men to be very careful and to focus on finding and bringing home the ancestral cream and nothing else. After their blessings and counsel the two men set out on their separate ways to bring home the ancestral cream. They had exactly seven days in which to find and bring the cream home or else the king's body would begin to decay.