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Raikov Effect

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-03-29)

Affirmations. As I mentioned above, affirmations Raikov Effect Review are a wonderful tool, when used in the right way. We actually are using affirmations every day, often unconsciously, and often to affirm lots of the things we are not wanting. The task is to become more conscious about your affirmations and to shift them to what you do want! Keep in mind what you learned about progressive beliefs. Make your affirmations believable, and make them just a bit of a stretch emotionally. This gentle approach allows your mind to accept the affirmation as true for you right now. It may be something as simple as "I'm doing the best I can, and I'm figuring it out as I go." You have heard that the Universe always gives us what we ask for. But it only understands the vibrational energy of the request, not the words. It is the underlying feeling, the belief, that Spirit is responding to. Learning how to manage your emotional energy system will give you the missing ingredient to aligning your beliefs with your desires. And as you do, you will feel yourself moving out of the energy of "wanting" and into the joyful feeling of anticipation that whatever it is you have asked for, it is absolutely on its way! The Law of Attraction, used diligently, has been the foundation for the success of many people. However reaching the pinnacle of success is not just about reading the books and understanding the theory. Those spectacularly successful people were disciplined and took action. You can do the same thing and the following seven activities are a good guide to get you started or to refocus if you have let them slip.